Roses on Foot

From October to March, Departures on one Saturday of each month.

Routes for all levels.

Capacity of 50 pax.

Entrants must present proof of registration, bring breakfast, water and appropriate clothing and footwear Registrations can be made 10 days before departure at Inscriptions

Roses Walks Exitations Poster

October 30 Opus spicatum: from the farmhouses in Bufalaranya

Departure: 9 am, bus station Difficulty: Medium-Low Duration: 3 h Distance: 11 km Elevation gain: 220 m

November 20 Ascent to the Eagle Peak: the north face

Departure: 9 am, Ponac pond (Ctra. De les Arenes) Difficulty: Medium-High Duration: 3 h 30 ’Distance: 9.6 km Elevation gain: 400 m

December 18 From Roses to the Mar d’Amunt

Departure: 9 am, sports pavilion (return by bus) Difficulty: Medium-High Duration: 5 h 30 ’Distance: 15.2 km Elevation gain: 450 m

January 22 Cadaqués – Roses: the Women’s Way

Departure: 9 am, port or breakwaters (boat trip) Difficulty: Medium-High Duration: 4 h 30 ’Distance: 10.7 km Elevation gain: 450 m

February 19 The Gates plain through the Montjoi valley

Departure: 9 am, Roses Express train stop Difficulty: Medium Duration: 3 h 30 ’Distance: 8.3 km Elevation gain: 320 m

March 26 Circular Montjoi – Cap Norfeu

Departure: 9 am, Cala Montjoi car park Difficulty: Medium-low Duration: 3 h 30 ’Distance: 9.3 km Elevation gain: 160 m


  • Roses, Catalunya Espanya42º15'47''N 3º10'29''E
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