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La Vinyeta

La Vinyeta is a small vineyard and olive grove with a young spirit, the result of effort and enthusiasm.

The origin of this project can be traced back to two old vineyards in Carignan and Grenache that Josep and Marta bought from an old winegrower in the village.

In 2006 they started making the first bottles of wine. Today La Vinyeta is one of the most beloved projects in the area, not only for the quality and diversity of the wines but also for its dynamic, humble and dedicated character.

In La Vinyeta they recover the model of the old farmhouses. The cultivation of the vineyard coexists in harmony with the olive trees and the cattle. Hens eat the remains of grapes, sheep graze the vineyards and bees promote biodiversity and certify ecological work. Winemaking is complemented by other products such as honey, eggs and cheese.

At the wine tourism level they offer visits and tastings but also breakfasts and picnics with homemade products. They also have accommodation between vineyards and perform lots of activities such as under-star dinners, concerts and astronomy nights.

  • Certificat de producció ecològica
  • Premi Nacional d'Enoturisme al Millor Celler de Catalunya
  • Premi al Millor Celler per l'Associació Catalana de Sommeliers
  • Carretera de Mollet de Peralada al Priorat, 17752 Mollet de Peralada, Catalunya Espanya42º21'29''N 2º59'47''E
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Ha en propietat:
Varietat de raïm / Producte:
Garnatxat i Carinyena, Macabeu, Moscat, Malvasia i Monastrell
Tipus de vins / Producte:
Vins (negres, blancs i rosats), Garnatxa dolça, Oli de la varietat tradicional Argudell, Formatge , Mel i Ous
Vins Heus*, Llavors*, Puntiapart* i Microvins* / Oli Fosc* / Ous Estrellats* / Mel Mil*
Serveis a destacar:
Les visites i tastos es poden complementar amb esmorzars i pícnics. A l'estiu es realitza una nit de sopar entre vinyes amb activitats complementàries (música, poesia, astronomia, etc)
10.30h i 12.30h
25 persones per grup / Grups privats
Josep i Marta
Visites rutinàries (25€/pp); visites privades a consultar
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