L'emporda - empordaturisme


Where the Pyrenees meets the Mediterranean

An introduction to the Empordà

The essential information to start your Empordanese holidays

To the north of the Costa Brava, limited by the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea, there is a region rich in contrasts, landscapes and stories.

The Empordà is a land of passage, welcoming and full of culture and nature: our coast was the gateway to Roman culture in the Peninsula, our paths cross natural spaces and our people will explain the stories and traditions that make the Empordà a single territory.

Here you will find a list of public transport that will make your arrival very easy, all the guides to discover the Empordà and the municipalities that comprise it. Enjoy it.

«Towards the part of the Pyrenees, next to the mountains and next to the sea, a smiling page opens: it is the Empordà» Joan Maragall.