About us

A look inside Emporda Turisme

For a tourist promotion of the Empordà

innovative, sustainable and quality

Empordà Turisme is an association of Empordaneses companies and public entities with a common goal: to work together to strengthen the Empordà tourism sector with a proposal based on quality, sustainability and the needs of the people who visit us.

Among our almost 300 partners you can find, among others, town halls, accommodation, artisans, environmental guides, restaurants and natural parks. Together, we strive to make your stay in the Empordà a memorable one.

We have worked together to collect the information you find on this website, to prepare the maps and brochures found in the tourist offices and to design the experiences you will have during your holidays.

We believe that a good tourist experience begins with an easy and satisfactory planning: that is why on our website you will find a categorized compilation of the places to visit, the beaches, the events and everything you need to enjoy the Empordà.