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Culture of the Empordà

A compilation of Empordà heritage and cultural spaces

The Empordà cultural guide

Megaliths, art and history that define a territory

More than a hundred megalithic constructions between the Sierra de la Albera and the Sierra de Rodes remind us that the Empordà is a territory with a lot of history. Among all these dolmens and menhirs, we find the largest in Catalonia: the Cobertella Cross in Roses.

If we follow the coast, a few kilometers to the south, Empúries makes us travel back in time and discover the Greco-Roman footprint.

The dozens of monasteries and abbeys will help us learn about Catalan Romanesque art. From Sant Pere de Rodes, one of its main figures, we will not only delve into history, but also immerse ourselves in the geography and coastal landscape of the territory.

When we set foot in Castelló d’Empúries, we will move forward four centuries to see one of the most important Gothic basilicas: Santa María is, for many people, “The Cathedral of Empordà”.

And we will continue traveling, step by step, in time, and we will discover paintings, breads, crafts, spinning tops and memorials. In museums and interpretation centers we will find stories of exile, artisans, surrealism and, of course, the Empordà.