Enogastronomia - empordaturisme

Enogastronomy of Empordà

The gateway to centuries of wine tradition

Wines, restaurants, craft and gastronomic

From the sea and the Empordà countryside to the table

At 5 in the morning,  Met, Cristina and Pedro got into the boat. With the first rays of sun, Rosa and José have gone out to the field.

Jordi and Gemma have gone down to the vineyard. The north wind caresses them when they approach the olive trees. At 10, Paco and Luis are already starting the stove.

They await you. Arrive and you are seated at the table. Marta and Toni open the bottle.

And, of the thousands of stories that all together and our land could explain, you enjoy the plate and the glass.

Welcome to the Empordà.